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5 unanswered delta rune questions we have after Chapter 2

As Undertale Super fans probably already know Delta rune Chapter 2 is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. People had time to play through Toby Fox’s latest work, or maybe even go through a few runs, at least once.

However, the taste only makes you want more. This is mainly because this is the second chapter of an unfinished game – not a work in its own right. It is designed to keep players intrigued to keep going, with unanswered questions at the end of each chapter. Devil, Chapter 2 doesn’t even explain the end of Chapter 1.

Here are just a few of the unanswered questions of the hit indie game, and our best guesses on the answers.

When is Deltarune Chapter 3 coming out?

Seam opens a shop in Castle Town in Deltarune Part 2.

Well that Delta rune Chapter 2 is out, the natural follow-up question is: When does the next chapter come?

Fountain, Chapter 2 shouldn’t be up so early. Fox was planning to release right now Chapter 1 and then continue with the finished game. In his Updated September 2021, he stated that he was released Chapter 2 now because “the world has been really tough for everyone lately”. However, his plan remains largely the same.

Fox plans to release Chapter 3, 4th, and 5, together with the existing chapters as a package. This more complete version of the Delta rune has no release date, so neither Chapter 3. It probably won’t be finished anytime soon considering the team is just done Chapter 2.

Castle town in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Fox announced that in its September 2020 update it had completed “readable outlines for every chapter in the game” and “first pass dialogues for almost all cutscenes”. At this point he was working on completion with three other active team members Deltarune: Chapter 2which was released in September 2021 – a year later – with this team of people behind it.

Chapter 2 apparently had the largest number of cutscenes of any planned chapter and other challenging factors that added to development timeIt is possible that later installments may take less time to complete. Fox started accepting requests for more help in September 2020, which could also speed things up. He admits that even he doesn’t know when the next release will be ready.

Delta rune Chapter 3, 4th, and 5 will likely take at least two more years based on the work Fox and his team have completed to date.

How many routes are there in Deltarune?

Noelle says the wrong way in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Deltarune Chapter 2 marks the first discovery of an alternative route. This route has coined many names, including the Weird Route, Snowgrave Route, and Genocide Route (or the Delta rune Version of it) to show its junction from the game’s default path.

However, this is not necessarily the only alternative route. It is possible that different interactions with other characters down the line will lead to different branch points that were not available in the previous chapters.

Undertale had three paths: the standard route, the pacifist route and the genocide route. Delta rune has two so far: the standard setting and the alternative. There are even variations on the standard route, such as a certain character losing an arm. Understandably, this changes some dialogues in the story, even if the outcome is relatively unchanged.

Fox has not confirmed exactly how many routes it has planned for Delta rune. Right now the answer is at least two.

How many characters can join your team?

Noelle joins the party in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Delta rune Chapter 2 introduces Noelle, Kris’s childhood friend, as a party member. Before that, only Susie and Ralsei took part in fights. Only three characters can fight at a time, but it is possible to have everyone in the party. It’s just that Susie and Ralsei have priority over Noelle.

Noelle first appears as a schoolmate NPC, but later becomes a playable character. It is only Chapter 2so that other characters could play a role in the future. However, it is probably not much more than what is already available. Alternatively, it’s just the characters we already know.

This is not an AAA studio. We probably don’t get a whole army like in a Fire Emblem game.

Is there romance in Deltarune?

Kris hugs Ralsei in Deltarune Chapter 2.

Delta rune has tons of “ships” and I’m not talking about boats. Noelle, for example, seems unusually interested in Susie. Susie seems to want to spend a lot of time with Ralsei. Even Kris has the opportunity to say and do some queer things. It is reminiscent of an uncomfortable feeling of teenage romance.

Delta rune does not seem to rule out possible character pairings. So will there be cannon pairings? Will these relationships just dangle in the air for players to interpret to their liking? Some players have reported different reactions from characters based on Kris’ decisions.

Undertale didn’t actually have gunships, but that doesn’t mean that Delta rune Habit. Nothing is set in stone at the moment.

Who is the knight

Kris seals the dark well in Deltarune Chapter 2.

The knight is the overarching antagonist of Delta rune – the one who is responsible for opening dark wells, which could possibly plunge the world of light into eternal darkness and turn all the darkeners to stone. It is mentioned in the Legend of Delta rune, which Ralsei recites at the beginning of the year Chapter 1. However, we do not know who the knight is although we know her role in the story.

Dark wells create dark worlds. Sealing dark wells means closing the respective dark worlds that created them. When you consider that a new dark world has opened up after the events of in the computer room Chapter 1, it seems that the knight is not just a historical figure. They are real and attack computer labs across town.

Some fans theorized that Kris was actually the knight even before Chapter 2. However, Kris is also the one with the power to seal Dark Fountains. We’ll have to wait until the rest Delta rune to find out the truth.

People have their opinion, I mean. Nobody but Fox and the team knows the truth. If you are curious about the Undertale Turn-based RPG from the developer lets you play the first two chapters for free on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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