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You probably shouldn’t pull off the protective screen of your new switch – OLED model

As many around the world have started enjoying their brand new Nintendo Switch OLED models, some have noticed that they already come with a protective screen. According to Nintendo, it should not be removed as it will protect users from damage should the new glass panel break.

This “anti-scattering adhesive sheet” is a novelty from Nintendo as the original Switch and Switch Lite did not need it because their screens were made of plastic, while the OLED model is made of glass. If the screen breaks, sharp shards of glass can cause damage, and this protective screen will help prevent harm to the user. It also helps avoid scratches on the screen.

We asked Nintendo for a comment and it has been confirmed that the protective screen should remain and that users can also add another screen protector over it if they so wish.

“As stated on page 2 of the Health, Safety and Use Policy for Nintendo Switch OLED (included with the system), please do not peel the anti-scatter adhesive on the console’s OLED screen,” a said a spokesman for Nintendo of America to IGN. “Nintendo sells an official OLED screen protector that matches the new screen, so you can use one. Here’s the product info.”

The Nintendo Switch – OLED model was released along with Metroid Dread on Friday October 8th and while it may not be a must-have for everyone, the new screen is a huge improvement and well worth a look for anyone who loves the Switch as a Handheld.

In our Nintendo Switch – OLED review, we said, “The Nintendo Switch OLED model does enough to make this mid-generation update worth the $ 50-150 extra charge over the older models, assuming you don’t already have one Switch, at the same time, that $ 50 premium doesn’t make sense for Switch owners who only (or even primarily) intend to play games in docked mode. “

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