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The fastest ways to level up and earn more XP in Fortnite Season 8

Thanks to the new Mythic Symbiote weapons, players can now harness the power of Venom and Cargange.

UPDATE: The mythical weapons Venom and Carnage will be removed from Fortnite on October 18th.

Fortnite and Marvel have formed a variety of collaborations over the past few years. From a completely Marvel-themed season to the scattered superhero skins, there is a lot of Marvel content in Fortnite.

And that’s the case again for Fortnite Season 8. Carnage was revealed early as a level 100 Battle Pass skin for this season. However, Venom would also return in the form of a symbiotic weapon.

Thanks to the new Mythic Symbiotic weapons, players in Fortnite can harness the power of Venom and Carnage. How to get it.

Fortnite carnage skin

Where to find mythical weapons from Carnage and Venom

In the past, mythical weapons were obtained by defeating their respective bosses. This was the case during the Marvel-themed season, when the players got Dr. Had to defeat Doom, Iron Man, and Wolverine to maintain their powers.

However, this does not apply to the Carnage and Venom Symbiote Mythic weapons. These two myths appear randomly on the map each round. To make it easier, they are marked as they are placed on each card.

The mythical weapons of the symbiotes appear in capsule form. The first player to open the capsule will receive the Carnage or Venom Mythic. When that player is eliminated, he will drop the Mythic, which can be picked up by another player.

Fortnite carnage poison symbiote mythical weapons
How the Mythic weapons Carnage and Venom Symbiote appear on the map

What the symbiotic myths do

These mythical weapons aren’t incredibly overwhelming, but they can spice up a round of Fortnite. While the Venom and Carnage symbiots may look different, they function exactly the same.

Both have three functions. The first is that they allow players to jump higher and negate fall damage. Second, they allow players to slide while jumping from high places. And third, players can unleash a tendril that will damage players. However, the tendril arm has a 10 second cooldown.

Venom and Carnage Mythic leave

All good things come to an end, and that is the case with these mythical weapons. The mythical weapons Venom and Carnage will be removed from Fortnite on October 18. This means that players only have a limited time left to use these licensed hero powers.

While not the most powerful mythical weapon in Fortnite history, the Venom and Carnage symbiots are quite a lot of fun. But what do you think of these new weapons? Let us know what you think about our FortniteINTEL Twitter page.

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