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Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer reveals a new threat to Captain Burnham

A gravitational anomaly, the return of David Cronenberg and a Ferengi – there’s a lot to unpack in the official trailer Star Trek Discovery Season 4, which debuted in front of a full audience at New York Comic Con 2021. For the first time in two years, members of the cast came together in person to discuss the upcoming season, which will debut on Paramount + on November 18. The trailer was so beautiful, the fact is discovery Star Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber) requested that the audience see it twice.

While director Cronenberg’s character Kovich’s return is intriguing, the anomaly is the biggest conflict the crew faces in the new season.

“I think I can speak for all the characters when I say that none of us expected such a major threat so soon after jumping into this future,” said Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham). “That was huge, and then at least for Burnham I know it’s a lot. Here we are again with a threat of great, great proportions. ”Next season she said,“ You see these people figure out exactly how to choose either. ” [duty and joy] in their own way. “

However, fans of the series who have seen the crew of the USS Discovery face multiple disasters may be less surprised to find themselves in that position again. Potentially galaxy-ending threats appear to be following this crew. “Tilly is great at science,” said Mary Wiseman (Tilly). “So that helps.”

Threats aside, the new season’s biggest draw is Burnham, who started the series as the captain and first officer before eventually becoming the real captain, not in a mirror universe. She is finally using her leadership skills.

“I appreciate Burnham’s hands-on approach,” said Martin-Green. “I appreciate the way Burnhan was written.” With this new role on the USS Discovery, Martin-Green became the first black woman to play a captain in live action Star Trek Series. “I think everything that has happened in my life led to this moment. Everything has led to sitting in that chair and taking on that role. Of course I know what it means to me, for all the obvious reasons, historically and culturally. ”

In season 3, Star Trek Discovery also welcomed the franchise’s first transgender and non-binary characters, played by transgender and non-binary actors Ian Alexander (Gray) and Blu del Barrio (Adira Tal), respectively. Much of the panel discussion was devoted to welcoming and praising del Barrio’s debut.

“It has a lot to do with Jonathan Frakes being my first director,” said del Barrio. They continued laughing, “I was so nervous, I tried to joke him and he said ‘fuck off’ and I said ‘okay’ and then it was okay.” But during Star Trek Veteran Frakes made it difficult for them, everyone else on the set raved about how good del Barrio is, who is also making his professional acting debut Star Trek Discovery, was in her scenes. You are a “truth-teller,” said Martin-Green.

As for Gray’s physical form? Alexander was not on the podium, but his presence was felt in the trailer and was teased. “If Dr. Culber makes a promise, he keeps that promise, ”said Cruz.

Then Cruz and his husband Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets) almost got into a marital argument. Wiseman and Martin-Green started singing about how much they loved playing together. It’s clear in the trailer and the way that Star Trek Discovery Performers on stage interacted with one another that the crew of the USS Discovery is family, which makes Season 4 even more exciting to look forward to in November.

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