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Sora in Smash, Metroid Dread, Switch OLED and The New Direct | All things Nintendo

Welcome to the very first episode of the All Things Nintendo Podcast! Join host Brian Shea as he greets his colleagues Game informer Editors Alex Stadnik and Ben Reeves to share the latest in the world of Nintendo. The crew starts the episode talking about the games that made them a Nintendo fan before talking about their favorite Nintendo games of all time. From there, they’ll start a discussion of the most important news from the last Nintendo Direct, as well as discussions about Sora from Kingdom Hearts coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Metroid Dread, and the new Nintendo Switch OLED model.

If you want to follow the people from this episode on Twitter: Brian Shea (@brianpshea), Alex Stadnik (@ Studnik76), Ben Reeves (@benjaminreeves)

The All Things Nintendo Podcast is a weekly show where we can celebrate, discuss, and break down the latest games, news, and announcements from the industry’s most iconic name. Different guests join Brian each week to talk about what’s going on in the world of Nintendo. On the way, they share personal stories, discover hidden treasures in the eShop and even look back on the classics we all grew up with. There’s a new episode every Friday!

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00:00:00 – introduction
00:02:10 – First Nintendo game / Favorite Nintendo game
00:19:51 – Kirby and the forgotten land
12:26:00 AM – Splatoon 3
00:32:52 – Bayonetta 3
00:36:07 – N64 and Genesis games on Switch
00:41:49 – Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
00:51:27 – Change OLED
01:02:00 – Metroid horror
01:13:00 – eShop jewel of the week: Cruis’n Blast

If you want to get in touch with the Nintendo podcast All Things, you can do so by contacting Brian (@BrianPShea) or by joining the official Game Informer Discord server. You can do this by linking your Discord account to your Twitch account and subscribing to the Game Informer Twitch channel. From there you can find the All Things Nintendo Channel under “Community Spaces”.

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