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Far Cry 7 is said to be more “online-minded”

Ubisoft is reportedly aiming to revise the Far away Franchise after the release of Far Cry 6.

Axios’ Stephen Totilo claimed from his sources that Ubisoft is “exploring a more online-centric approach to sequel.” Its sources have confirmed what journalist Jason Schreier said on his triple-click podcast back in June – that Ubisoft “wants to take a radically different direction” Far away“According to the latest version.

Given the track record of both journalists, there is no reason to doubt this report.

Schreier has previously leaked Assassin’s Creed Infinitywhich is supposed to steer the franchise in an entirely new direction. Its Bloomberg report in July forced Ubisoft to acknowledge it infinity‘s existence, but the developer couldn’t confirm it Assassin’s Creed is now to become an evolving online platform, as Schreier had claimed.

Given the direction Ubisoft is going, it makes sense for the company to take an online-centric approach to business Far Cry 7 as. It was only a few days ago that a Far Cry 6 The teaser should indicate a multiplayer game in the universe of the series.

While this report may be cause for concern for some, it is worth noting that the last few entries in the Far away The series has been criticized for not bringing anything new to the table. In fact, this was the biggest criticism of Far Cry 6, for many fans and critics nothing that it feels more like the same, but with a better look and a different setting.

We will update our readers when we have more information on the next one Far away.

[Source: Axios]

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