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Disney Wonderful Worlds Review – It’s basically fine

Disney Wonderful Worlds is a shiny, well-put together matchstick puzzle game that oozes Disney glamor. Mechanically? Well it’s absolutely fine. If you want to play match ’em ups for free you will enjoy everything the game has to offer.

The game is divided into puzzles and park building. The special coins you earn from solving puzzles can be spent on adding new rides to your park. The more of your park you build, the more you unlock. It’s a simple progression system, however, and not all with a choice or design.

The puzzles themselves are pretty normal. You have a set number of moves to achieve your goals. You may need to clear a certain number of a certain shape or remove some obstacles by matching near them.

Different combinations of matches drop special tiles onto the board that allow you to remove large chunks in one fell swoop. There are bombs, missiles and fireworks and you have to use them all if you want to win.

There are various other levels of the game as well, such as characters dropping bonuses, special moves and boosts that you can use in a tricky situation, and a lot more. It’s all pretty simple and very familiar.

If you are expecting a game that will reinvent the match stuff genre, you will be disappointed with Disney Wonderful Worlds, but let’s face it, this is not what you’re here for. You are here for a brightly colored, brief gameplay game where you can poke around for a while and then do something else.

Disney Wonderful Worlds is absolutely doing what it is up to. It’s a plastic gewgaw, a disposable toy, something that you can poke around for a few minutes without thinking about it or digging deeper into it. This is a sugar-sweet blob of rainbow nonsense, exactly what you were expecting.

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