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Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix broke Avengers microtransaction promises

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are facing intense backlash from Marvel’s Avengers Players after companies started selling progression boosts for real money. This contradicts what the developer made before starting that Marvel’s Avengers‘Monetization will only extend to cosmetic items.

“As far as monetization is concerned, we will have cosmetics – no gameplay walls,” studio boss Scott Amos told Games Industry in 2019. That quote is now circulating everywhere.

“I’m sure a lot of people want to have a semantic argument about whether throttling the experience and manually creating a larger invisible wall to climb over before taking your hero to the max level constitutes a gameplay paywall … : “We’ll have cosmetics,” complained Reddit user marcustwayne.

Others pointed out that Crystal Dynamics slowed XP earnings because it felt like players were leveling up too quickly and being “overwhelmed”. Now the studio offers them the option to get as much XP as they want by simply paying for it.

“The only thing I’m really confused about is … if the original XP rate put players in an ‘overwhelming’ state, it’s not a little strange that Crystal Dynamics is now trying to encourage and benefit from that are you with us? this ‘overwhelmed’ condition? ”wrote marcustwayne in a follow-up comment. “Wouldn’t the boosters put players back in that position and sell users the method / means to get ‘overwhelmed’?”

Good question that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have yet to answer.

We’ll let our readers know when the companies respond.

[Source: Reddit via Eurogamer]

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