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Children of Morta is an amazing game, and there are new reasons to play it again

Children of Morta is a recommendation I give to people looking for something different to play with. I am also forwarding this recommendation to you. This story-driven dungeon crawler has a strong storytelling impulse, a rewarding progression system, and a lot of variety in its Diablo-like battles. They join the Bergson family to rid the land of an evil that will soon engulf their homes. You can play as any member of the family, and a narrator will help them substantiate them. You see this family grow, face difficulties, and unite to save all they love. I loved this entire experience and gave it a rating of 9 out of 10.

After the game was first released, developer Dead Mage and publisher 11 Bit Studios added a ton of content to give fans plenty of reasons to get back on track. The most important reason to get back on track (or start a journey for the first time) has just arrived in the Ancient Spirits DLC. You can still control every Bergson, but the real catch with this new content is the new playable character called Yajouj’Majouj, a changing entity born from the union of man and goblin. Yajouj’Majouj can change shapes in an instant and unleash magical cyclones or rely on the help of an ally.

This DLC also adds five relics, five amulets, and five graces to further enhance the family’s skills. Last but not least, every Bergson can be customized with masks.

Children of Morta can be played on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, Switch, and PC. It will be one of the first games I check out on Switch OLED. When you dive into this drop me a message and let me know what you think of this unique and beautiful experience.

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