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We’re celebrating six years of rock band 4

Yowza. Six years. In some ways, six years is the blink of an eye. Otherwise, it’s forever. The world has changed quite a bit since 2015, and given the incredible turmoil of the past two years, it can be hard to remember what 2015 was like in the first place. Yet many aspects of 2015 rock band culture are still alive today. We’re still releasing weekly DLC, we’re starting our 24th (!!) season of Rock band rivals on November 4th, and the rock band community is still a vibrant gathering of music lovers from around the world.

Birthday gifts

When we think about what it means to turn six for a video game franchise, we turn to tradition. As we’ve always done for rock band birthdays, we * give * away gifts instead of getting them. This year we’re offering a free pack of 4 awesome songs and a cool in-game t-shirt to celebrate the occasion.

Rock band 4

The full overview of the songs can be found on the RB blog. We hope you like it.

We’ll cover you

In the break between season 23 and season 24, we have a one-week bonus challenge from October 14th to 19th. We focus on the fine art of cover song – an opportunity for artists to reinvent and reinterpret well-known songs. We’re going to have some great DLC to launch this week that match the theme, as well as a number of super fun covers from our DLC catalog to help you overcome the challenge.

The beat goes on

Season 24 will revolve around a community-driven rock band meme that we see on many DLC releases with passionate members of the community screaming, “What !? I thought it was a rock band, not a metal band! The season kicks off with Halloween week, so keep an eye out for a boo or two. I promise that when all is said and done, our loyalty to the world of rock will come into its own.

I don’t want to spoil the reward, but if you think about what we’ve spent over the past two seasons, you can imagine.

Rock band 4

Let’s keep the party going

The Rock Band team is very excited about the future of the franchise and we remain committed to bringing fun new songs to the wider community and doing everything we can to serve our passionate music game lovers.

Rock Band ™ 4 Rivals Package

XBox Live

Rock Band ™ 4 Rivals Package

Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.


$ 59.99

$ 29.99

The Complete Rock Band ™ 4 Experience; This bundle includes Rock Band 4 and the Rivals expansion, which gives you access to the full functionality of the best, most comprehensive music game on the market today. The Rivals bundle includes over 100 songs and a ton of features including the following and more: -Online Play: Move the party online with matchmaking, public or private sessions, tools to maximize your DLC overlap, and more! Rival Mode: Team up with friends around the world to compete against each other in this online multiplayer statistics battle. Join crews to prove your skills and crush your rivals. -Rocku Drama: A brand new campaign mode that tells the story of YOUR bands triumph over adversity in the world’s first playable musical documentary. -Character creation with hundreds of customization options to perfect your look -Access to future updates and songs exclusively for the Rivals community. Note: If you have an Xbox 360 Wireless Music Gaming Controller, you MUST purchase the Rock Band 4 – Legacy Game Controller Adapter for Xbox One (sold separately while supplies last). This listing does NOT include a music gaming controller or USB microphone. Use of Rock Band 4 is governed by our privacy policy at www.harmonixmusic.com/privacy.

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