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Twitch is accused of ignoring security concerns

Pull out was recently hacked, and it could potentially be one of the biggest hacks ever perpetrated on an online company, with reports reportedly taking all of the site’s source code, but former employees now say this could have been prevented if Pull out hasn’t consistently ignored past safety concerns.

The news comes from The Verge website, which spoke to former employees, with sources discussing how management would slowly respond to moderation errors like the hate robberies, and that Twitch allegedly had not previously reported any security breaches, with a referenced source a 2017 violation that was never made public.

“The source characterizes Twitch as a place where the bottom line is first and foremost. If it wasn’t generating revenue, it wasn’t rated as highly.” writes The Edge.

Not only do sources say that Twitch routinely ignores security concerns, but that there are still opportunities to be attacked and security concerns to remain. Twitch is now working to fix the violation so hopefully those concerns will finally be allayed.

However, it’s incredibly disturbing to hear that Twitch allegedly ignored the signs that could have prevented this from happening.

Source – [The Verge]

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