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The Offer Wall offers publishers and advertisers new opportunities | Pocket Gamer.biz

Rona Einat is User Acquisition Product Manager at Fyber, a Digital Turbine company.

The desire to make ad monetization a seamless part of the gaming experience is a constant race. It can be even more difficult to find a balance between content, ads, and virtual currency to improve the user experience.

One of the best ways to find this point of balance is through user-initiated formats.

Publishers are constantly exploring new ways to optimize their ad monetization, especially with the privacy changes that have impacted eCPM and overall performance.

Rewarded video has long been a popular stop, but the “listing wall” is gaining traction as an ad format that improves the user experience, increases a publisher’s ad revenue, and allows advertisers to diversify their user acquisition strategy.

A user-centric mindset pays off

The Offer Wall works best for games that have a sophisticated gaming economy and focus on long-term loyalty.

By designing key moments during the game where virtual currency can improve players’ chances of success, developers create a clear incentive and explicitly rely on virtual currency accumulation.

What makes the Offer Wall unique is its flexibility and adaptability.

Different user segments at different points in the user journey likely have very different requirements for virtual currencies. The Offer Wall allows players to choose from a variety of offer types that suit their engagement preferences as well as their virtual currency needs.

What makes the Offer Wall unique is its flexibility and adaptability.

Rona Einat

Users can either do “quick and easy” tasks for a small payment or “long and difficult” tasks for a larger reward.

The rewards get better

The Multi-Reward Cost Per Engagement (CPE) offer type is the latest offer type to be introduced into the offer wall and has been very well received by publishers, advertisers and users alike.

Single-action CPE offers allow advertisers to select a specific post-installation action (usually one that is a strong predictor of positive ROAS) as the event that will trigger a conversion.

Multi-reward offers take the same concept to the next level by allowing advertisers to break the offer down into multiple post-installation promotions (from easy to hard) for which the user accumulates incremental rewards – until they reach the ultimate reward .

More ways to make progress

Adding multi-reward offers gives users greater control over how much time to invest in order to get the reward they want.

User satisfaction with multi-reward offers is high as they are rewarded even for partially completing these offers instead of being frustrated if they fail to reach a difficult level and invest time and effort that do not bring a reward.

The first milestone of multi-reward offers is usually relatively quick and easy to complete, so that more offers are relevant to a wider audience.

Take control of ROAS

For advertisers to acquire users, multi-reward offers improve the First Time User Experience (FTUE) by adding an additional level of incentive to the user’s first game session. Advertisers have complete control over which post-installation events trigger fractional rewards.

That means advertisers can choose events that ensure gamers are presented with content or features that increase the likelihood of users becoming loyal long-term gamers or making in-app purchases.

When Lilith Games started offering multi-reward offers, it was able to increase the installation rate by 250% and improve the D7 ROAS by 72% compared to “normal” single-action offers.

This new setup ensures that publishers see the money sooner and thus increase their sales faster.

Rona Einat

Users acquired through Multi-Reward offers also had a 56% better retention rate as the majority of users saw the offer through to full completion and dealt with deep post-installation events.

More conversions = get paid more

The beauty of the Multi-Reward offers is that for every post-install event that triggers a reward, the publisher generates additional revenue, even if users don’t fully complete an offer.

This new setup ensures that publishers see the money sooner and thus increase their sales faster.

Since we implemented Multi-Reward, there has been an increase in user engagement and audience reach for advertisers, which has led them to increase their investment in the Offer Wall.

As we know, higher ad spend results in higher ARPDAU for publishers. We saw ARPDAU increase by 13% and ARPDEU (the average revenue generated only by users who interact with the Offer Wall) by an average of 22%.

A balanced ad experience

Multi-Rewards Offers are redefining the connection between game content, ad monetization and user experience. It increases the earning potential for users (with virtual currency) and publishers (through advertising revenue) and gives advertisers unprecedented control over the user journey after installation.

The careful way in which the Offer Wall addresses the interests of all parts of the mobile ecosystem has resulted in a growing number of publishers interested in adding the Offer Wall as a core component of their advertising monetization strategy.


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