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OP Games Raises $ 8.6 Million to Combine Blockchain, NFTs, and DAOs | Pocket Gamer.biz

The blockchain startup OP Games has raised $ 8.6 million after a seed financing round.

Investors such as Republic Crypto, Ascensive Assets, Morningstar Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Polygon Studios and Bitcoin.com took part in the round.

Additional investments came from GFS Ventures, Defi Alliance, Mentha Partners, OKex Blockdream Ventures and SevenX Ventures.

OP Games is developing a platform that combines NFTs and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) to work with developers so that they can create games with their respective communities.

The company’s player-centric gateway is OP Arcade, where communities discover HTML5 games, compete for prizes in tournaments, and participate in a progressive crypto economy.

OP Arcade is based on the developer-friendly NEAR protocol.

Start Arcadians

OP Games starts its Arcadians NFT project on October 12th with avatars based on the start-up’s open source tools.

“We welcome this warm endorsement of the work we have done to empower the gaming landscape with the superpowers of Web 3.0: open source and community owned,” said OP Games CEO and Co-Founder Chase Freo.

“The $ 150 billion game industry is developing at an amazing rate. By giving developers the tools and guidance they need, and by giving players the opportunity to help shape their favorite projects, we’re opening new channels of revenue for the talented creators of the industry. “

In other blockchain news, Habbo developer Sulake sold out its collection of NFTs, which revolve around Habbo’s signature pixel art, within 26 hours. The randomly generated Habbo avatars were not seen by collectors prior to purchase.

You can learn more about OP Games on its website.


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