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Navigating the multi-switch household: Or SWOLED does three – feature

I’ll initiate this by saying I don’t need a Switch OLED, but I have enough Gamestop credit that it has basically already paid for. I’m also such a dedicated portable gamer when it comes to my Switch titles that I feel like part of the audience and also someone who will get the most out of the upgrade. As Nintendo has often done in the past, they pair this updated Switch with an exciting game launch, in this case the first new Metroid console title in more than a decade: Metroid Dread. The prospect of getting stuck in a 2D Metroid and basking in the glow of a larger OLED screen is certainly tempting.

However, I already have a normal switch that is mainly used by my son. I use it sparingly for recording footage for video reviews or when friends call, but since the Lite came out, this has been my system of choice. It’s not about the dock connecting me to a specific TV; I have a dock attached to each of my two TVs. I just love curling up in my recliner with a hot drink and my blue (formerly gray) Switch Lite. As a new challenger approaches in the battle for my bedtime attention, I increasingly think about how the three-switch household will work.

One of my concerns is that the OLED screen is actually worth the extra weight compared to the Lite. This would mean that I would no longer have any reason to use the Lite at all. If that’s the case, why not just trade in or sell? I basically already planned the regular switch for my son; This is his console now. I may not even use it for recording purposes once I have the OLED.

The opposite could also be the case. The OLED is slightly heavier than the original model, and I basically got that for the slimmer, less beefy Switch Lite. Will I only be using the OLED during this first honeymoon? You know the one that your new toy still shines on, flawless, just perfect in your eyes? My anticipation for the latest version of Nintendo is dampened by the fact that I already have multiple Switches available, and I’m really not sure how the situation will play out in the long run. One thing is for sure though: I’ll be diving into Metroid Dread on the Switch OLED on the first day. I’m much more excited to see what I’ll be playing in three months. I will follow up next month with a situation report on how to manage my multi-switch household. Then come to me, don’t you?

If you’re planning on getting SWOLED like me, let me know in the comments below. Are you facing a similar multiple switch crisis?

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