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Metroid Dread Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Metroid horror is a difficult, punishing example of the genre the series has contributed to.

In this Metroid horror Beginner’s Guide we give you our best advice to make your first few lessons a little less difficult. Below we explain its genre, show you how to store your favorite items, make our best argument against our lying brains, explain why stealth is the best option (until it is no more), why your left hand is so important, and more.

Embrace the genre

Metroid horror is, unsurprisingly, a Metroidvania game. This means that you will constantly receive new upgrades that will open doors and paths that were previously blocked. You will find new ways forward as well as new ways backward.

That means you’ll explore a lot, find dead ends, and trace back.

Speaking of backtracking …

You will not (yet) pick up every upgrade

You’ll see a lot more upgrades like Missile tank and Energy tanks than you can achieve while playing Metroid horror. Don’t waste your time on them. You will revisit previous areas as you purchase new upgrades and navigation options.

Upgrades will show up on your map as soon as you find them, so you don’t even have to remember where they are.

Speaking of cards …

Highlight doors to find new ways

On your map screen there is an option to Highlight symbols. Every time you unlock a new type of door – like one Loading beam door after picking up charge carrier – Hover over the symbol of this door on the map and select this option. This will highlight every door of the cargo beam door in the area, and this will often show you the (or one) way forward.

However, if you can’t find your way …

Shoot walls to reveal secret doors

Completely absent-minded Metroid horror are fragile walls (and ceilings and floors). Generally these look like normal walls. In the first area, Artaria, there are several times where finding a single fragile block of wall is the only way.

If you hit a dead end, or get stuck (or just plain frustrated), try shooting at walls, ceilings, and floors.

You are not an opponent for EMMI

The great imagination of Metroid horror is that Samus is being chased and chased by a robot called EMMI. However, EMMIs patrol in discreet zones so you don’t always look over your shoulder.

If you go through one EMMI zoneHitting on EMMI is generally a one-hit kill that will ruin your day. They are not up to EMMI. Your job when you see an EMMI is to get away and hide.

That said …

Fighting EMMI numbs it for a moment

You have two chances to block and stun EMMI if it grabs you. The timing for this is random and largely feels impossible. And to be honest, it’s kind of like that.

Do not consider being captured and killed by EMMI as a punishment. Instead, learn from it. It’s just the way of the game to tell you that you haven’t been sneaky enough.

Save and prepare before boss fights

Find nearby Save station and Ammunition charging stations can get you a little out of the way when traveling to a boss fight. It always pays to do whatever it takes to make sure you have ammo, health, and a handy save point. Just look on the map for the best locations.

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