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How 2D arena shooter AlphaLink went from local to online during a pandemic

AlphaLink is a 2D multiplayer arena shooter with XP, progression and cosmetics. It not only offers local multiplayer, but also an online component. However, it did not always go in that direction. Early 2020, AlphaLink started as a purely local affair to provide a multiplayer experience with a group of friends on the same couch. This made sense at a time when we took things like gaming events, esports, and just being with friends and family for granted.


Actually, AlphaLinks The first debut was at Valhalla Lounge esports bar in Austin, TX. A competition of indie games was shown where guests could vote for their favorite title. When AlphaLink won Best in Show for the night, it seemed like it was on the right track. The direction seemed confirmed.


Fast forward a month and the pandemic hit hard and fast. Everything was canceled or delayed; including the very gaming events AlphaLink was planned for the exhibition. In order for a title to grow that relied on continuous personal feedback at these events, a big change was imminent.


The team knew getting online was going to be a big job, but it turned out to be even bigger than originally planned. Now a full back end was required to keep track of every movement and interaction on the screen and synchronize it in real time for everyone. This can be a challenge in 2D as everyone is seeing the same thing at the same time. However, the team prevailed and not only got it up and running, but also created a back-end inventory system that can be used with PlayFab.


With this new functionality, the team has put together designs for a progression system: XP, game currency and cosmetics. You didn’t stop there. AlphaLink also has a global leaderboard where the three opposing factions compete in an uninterrupted tug of war to see who can stay on top. Some other features that spawned were an arcade-like simulator mode, bots, and a central hub, aptly called The Meatgrinder, that players use as the starting point for everything in the game. This even includes back-end linked NPCs who can have updated dialogues to flesh out the rich science fiction story that is AlphaLink based on.


But no worry. If you’re just looking for something to play locally, AlphaLink supports four players on one console; but you have to bring the snacks. AlphaLink is available now in the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.


XBox Live


Black Hive media


$ 14.99

AlphaLink leads players into a dystopian intergalactic arena multiplayer battle to change the tide in the faction war! Pick a faction, make some friends, and take part in the battles of your life in local or online battles! Earn XP and Galactic Credits to unlock new cosmetics like armor, helmets, weapons, and more! Other features in the last game: – Hub area to get in touch with NPCs to reveal the lore in the Kova universe. – Multiple game modes for online and local play – Faction rankings and leaderboards – Various weapon calls – XP and progression system – Wide range of cosmetics to personalize your player – Gorgeous range of hand-painted levels

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