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Episode 264 – Buffin ‘the Bald Buster – Talk Nintendo

The boys are all back together again, immersed in everything from the latest Nintendo Direct to Diablo 2, Beast Breaker, and more!

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So what did you think

There was a Nintendo Direct last week and three guys got together to talk about it.

We’ll start with a quick Dark Arts (sorry Perry: (I thought it was fun to cancel your PopCorners piece at the time) and then go straight to what we played. Casey tells us about the improvements to Diabla II Resurrected and makes one Recommended which Diabla game a newbie should start with. Alex talks a little about Lost Judgment, a game that gets you into fistfights with Japanese high schoolers as a grown man. Perry also shares some thoughts on a cool twist. Similar action game: Beast Breaker.

We had plans for a mystery game show this week, but due to timing, this will be a next week thing instead.

In the second half of the show, we’ll discuss last week’s Nintendo Direct. That Mario casting was WILD, wasn’t it? Plus 3D Kirby! Bayonetta 3! Another bi-weekly rant about Animal Crossing: New Horizons early access status! And much more. We’ve also added Poll Time, Discord Listener Mail, and a Bonus Quick Bite to the segment, and guess what? We had lots of fun.

Don’t forget to check out Metroid Prime in preparation for our I Demand You. Episode 268, baby.

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