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Death Stranding Director’s Cut – PlayStation.Blog

Last week we asked you to use #PSshare #PSBlog to travel through the dangerous peaks and valleys of the Death Stranding Director’s Cut. From lush landscapes to Sam’s many modes of transport, here are this week’s highlights:

RevolutionAndre shares Sam and throws a fist in the air in triumph.

Gaming byframe shares a landscape overgrown with grass.

toyo_3po shares Sam, who increases his BB.

oolong_cha_cha shares Sam with his motorcycle towards a rainbow blue sky.

yokoichi444 shares Sam, who is standing in front of a wall with the BRIDGES logo.

Photo in game shows one of Sam’s cars up close.

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TOPIC: Moonlight
SUBMISSION FROM: Wednesday 9:00 PT on October 1st

Next week we’ll take some time to bask in the moonlight. Share your favorite nightly gaming moments with #PSshare #PSBlog for the chance to be featured.

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