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Cozy Grove Free Fall Update adds pet cats, interior design, and a photo mode

Cozy Grove brought Animal Crossing-like wholesomeness to Nintendo Switch earlier this year, but we were a little overwhelmed – the game lacked a lot of vitality and the kind of content that makes you come back day in and day out. It looks like that will change with the new fall update from developer Spry Fox, which adds a ton of quality of life improvements that could potentially lure us back to the game.

interior architect


The greatest thing, at least for us, is that you can actually do it go to your house now. “We know you’ve wanted to be in your tent for a long time,” says Spry Fox’s blog, “but some serious technical hurdles have kept us from supporting this feature … until now!” You can now decorate the interior, meaning you can use any decorative items that you didn’t have room for, as well as “lots of new decorations” that were specially made for the tent.

Similar to Animal Crossing, the more often you upgrade your tent, the more rooms you will have, even though the outside of the tent doesn’t reflect the inside size.

New animals

Apparently this is a cat and not a dog
Apparently this is a cat and not a dog

And what does a cozy house with new furniture need? ONE PET TO ENSURE EVERYTHING. You have the option to adopt cats, and by “adopt” we mean “enticing them into your house and giving them treats until they like you,” but basically, cat ownership is anyway.

A new power animal is also moving into the grove: Spirit Bunnies, which now exist alongside Spirit Birds and Deer. You can create your own when spending time with Lee Berry.

Fast harvest

If you’ve found the feeding and harvesting mechanics a bit of a hassle, you’ll be happy that this has been changed a bit. The new accordion instrument will instantly harvest all items within a certain radius, which makes it much faster to grab all of your fruits and flowers!


Photo mode

Photo mode! You’ll need to get a camera, of course, but then you can just shoot to your heart’s content. It doesn’t look like a photo mode where you can shift the angle of view – more like a diegetic camera function.


There’s no specific information on what the Halloween stuff at Cozy Grove will be … only that it is coming.

Other updates

  • New background music
  • Improved stone jumping
  • Troubleshooting
  • “Various Improvements”

The last major update for Cozy Grove was the Summer Update, which added troubleshooting, hugs, treasure maps, and a slew of new items and NPCs.

The fall update is free for all game owners.

Did you like Cozy Grove or did you play it like you should every day? Let us know in the comments!


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