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World Flipper, the world-renowned Masterpiece Pinball RPG!

Kakao Games is proud to announce the worldwide release of their new mobile action RPG in partnership with Cygames. World finwhich will be available through the Google Play Store and App Store.

World fin is a pinball-inspired RPG action game brought to life with classic 2D pixel graphics. Players can immerse themselves in the engrossing story that follows a variety of adventurers on their journey through different worlds.

The players maneuver their group with flippers. Tapping the screen will launch pinball characters at the top of the screen. When the screen is tapped again, the character will perform a stroke that will allow them to change trajectory or attack enemies.

Players can collect and evolve a wide variety of characters. Characters can unleash special abilities that can be combined with the abilities of other characters to create endless combinations of attacks. In co-op mode, players can work together with their friends to defeat brutal bosses.

Thanks to a successful pre-registration campaign in August that exceeded a million pre-registered worldwide, everyone was able to World fin Players now receive the exclusive 4-star character Arisa and lots of in-game currency, Lodestar Beads. A SEA / OCE server will also be available for players from Southeast Asia and Oceania. Stay up to date on news and events by following our Facebook page!

Experience epic pinball battles on the go with this amazing new game. World fin!

Kakao Games Corp.


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