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Where can I find IO Guards in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8?

Fourteen daysis back with another season and there is a lot to discover around the menu. The first week of the new season will be full of excitement, from new encounters to mechanics, as players slowly begin to upgrade this season’s Battle Pass.

IO guards and outposts were hotspots on the map last season, but they seem to have a new home as of today. IO guards used to be stationed around IO outposts, and there were some of them on the map.

From now on, IO guards will appear on side encounters, but they may not appear right away. As you start to complete a side encounter, more monsters will attack you. And at some point IO Guards will show up and join the party.

They will be as hostile as ever and will shoot you as soon as they spot you. These side encounters can be tough, and you may need to loot a few guns and some building supplies before venturing into any of them.

Cube monsters and IO guards won’t be the only enemies you encounter at these events, as other players can burst in and disrupt your process. While clearing the waves, keep an eye on the boundaries of the sideways in case enemy players show up. While some players are nice enough to help you or leave you alone, most will try to hinder your process by trying to land a headshot at you.

However, completing a side encounter will give you high-level loot so your efforts will be well worth it and you will be well equipped to make it to the late game.

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