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The Scandinavian-inspired adventure Röki comes to PS5 on October 28th – PlayStation.Blog

Röki is a multi-award winning adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore and coming to PlayStation 5 on October 28th. You play Tove in the breathtaking, snow-covered wilderness. She is a young girl immersed in a living fairy tale where you will have to solve puzzles, collect curios and uncover a story about a tragic loss. Your job is to save your brother Lars from Röki; a gigantic, pitch-black creature with a mysterious smile. Like the movie Jaws, our game is named after its monster, although Röki may be more than you think …

The Scandinavian-inspired adventure Röki comes to PS5 on October 28th

As Tove you explore the enchanting 3D world, find long-forgotten objects, talk to misunderstood monsters and solve ancient puzzles to open deeper paths into the wilderness. You can also delve into the pages of Tove’s handwritten journal, which she scribbles as she explores to record her adventure. This includes notes on folklore, loot, and wilderness “badge” achievements, as well as some of their inner thoughts and reflections.

The combination of fairytale adventure, emotional storytelling and distinctive graphic style has earned the game many awards and accumulated in nominations for best debut game at The Game Awards and best British game and best debut game at BAFTA Game Awards, which was amazing to us as a small indie team.

Adventure for everyone

Röki is our take on the classic adventure games we loved as kids – games like Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Grim Fandango. We wanted to capture the storytelling and adventurous spirit of these games, but most importantly, update the playstyle for today’s audience. You take direct control of Tove with the pad and can explore the world in 3D instead of navigating it with a cursor. Not only does this make the game feel more immediate and responsive, but it also allows the player to bond better with Tove as they play as them rather than directing them remotely.

As much as we love the classic adventure game, we wanted to make it a frustration-free adventure that seasoned and fresh adventurers alike could enjoy. Much of this came down to an accessible puzzle design that made sense in the real world and then many of user testing to see how players reacted to the gameplay. It was important for the game to be challenging but have optional in-game support on hand if players got stuck. To do this, you can flash interacting objects in the scene and also look in Tove’s journal for additional clues as to what to do next. Basically, a story is not an endless story and we wanted our story to be fun for the players right through to the last climax pages.

Big monsters and a big heart

The world of Röki has a wide variety of creatures inspired by Scandinavian folklore, but it’s not about shooting or breaking into tiny pieces the monsters you encounter. Instead, the point is to find out what’s wrong with them, befriend them, and see if you can solve the problems they are having. Sometimes even monsters need a helping hand.

That sounds nice now, but Röki is also pretty scary. The eighties kids’ films we grew up with (films like The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, and The Neverending Story) weren’t afraid to scare their tiny viewers half to death, and we decided to follow their lead, and with Röki. no blows to be drawn in the horror department. This also goes well with the game’s fairytale roots, which were pretty gruesome in their original forms.


We strongly believe in the power of video games to tell amazing stories. For our first indie game, we wanted to flex our storytelling muscles and deliver a warm and memorable narrative that resonates with players around the world. Not only is this the story of folklore, jotun, and the mystery of the wild, it is also the very human story of a family that becomes whole again after life-shaking events. During the game, Tove is confronted with distorted memories from her past. The player must navigate through these living dreams, face Tove’s fears and finally solve her puzzles in order to reunite her family. Without saying too much, the theme of family runs through the entire game, even for some of its monstrous residents.

Into the wild

Thank you for reading. We are very happy to announce that Röki hits PS5 on October 28th. We look forward to welcoming new adventurers to wrap up warm, put on their snowshoes, and join Tove on a journey through a fantastic wilderness in this award-winning adventure.

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