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Modern Warfare Dev Infinity Ward opens new studio in Austin, Texas

Modern Warfare Developer Infinity Ward has opened a brand new studio in Austin, Texas. Infinity Ward Austin joins the ranks of Infinity Ward teams in Los Angeles, Poland and Mexico to develop what many suspect for next year call of Duty Title rises.

We’re still a month away from Call of Duty: Vanguard, and season six of Black Ops Cold War and War zone just launched today but it already looks like Infinity Ward is the next studio on deck call of Duty 2022, which is rumored to be Modern Warfare 2, a continuation from 2019 Modern Warfare Restart.

Infinity Ward was probably the studio that is the current one call of Duty Live platform that includes War zone Integration and free seasonal content instead of isolated paid content packs. The studio was also the development team behind it War zone before handing it over to Raven for ongoing development and updating. In addition, Infinity Ward has a brand new engine for Modern Warfare and War zone, which is also updated for Sledgehammers vanguard, and is expected to be the platform call of Duty will use the progress to better facilitate the unity between the premium titles and War zone. In fact, the Poland team is a technology-based studio created specifically to focus on expanding and improving this engine.

In its announcement, Infinity Ward says there is “more information.” Starting a new Austin-based studio comes on top of the fact that almost every Activision studio is involved call of Duty Development somehow. The advent of a networked free-to-play War zone Experience and the seasonal live service model, which offers free game content and events as well as cosmetic bundles and a seasonal battle pass, call of Duty more successful and profitable than ever before.

Development to the next premium call of Duty is likely to be in full swing, we probably won’t hear anything more official for a long time. Activision is currently focused on the closure Black Ops Cold War with season six, start vanguard next month, and then incorporate the Sledgehammer title into its own seasonal rhythm. If the pattern holds, we’ll hear of the rumors Modern Warfare 2 officially in August next year, but expect a lot of the usual call of Duty Leaks and rumors that precede it.

It is unknown at this point how exactly the Austin-based studio fits into the broader picture of call of Duty Development.

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