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Metroid Dread: How long does it take to hit 100% of the items?

Metroid games have always encouraged a fast completion rate, with multiple endings and other rewards based on your time, the number of items collected, or in some cases the number of other rewards. It will take some testing to unlock all of the Metroid Dread’s secrets, but for our review I have two in-game logs to report:

  • Metroid Dread took 11 hours to complete at 82%
  • Metroid Dread took 13 hours to complete at 100%

The completion rate includes the many optional rocket tanks, e-tanks to extend your life meter, and other enhancements. But there are reservations. First of all, completion times don’t include time spent on break screens. According to the switch’s parental control app I spent 23 hours playing Metroid Dreadto achieve 100% completion. Why does it matter? Because the map in the game is on the pause screen and you can spend a lot of time there solving puzzles.

Another caveat: the in-game completion screens also don’t include the time spent in front of a Game Over screen. So if you do a boss fight a few times, none of these attempts will be logged in your graduation time until you defeat the boss and save it again. But those caveats have a caveat because as a reviewer I also took a break to write my review and take notes – although I believe this didn’t add more than an hour to my count as I got my system in The child safety watch went to sleep and thus effectively stopped most of the time.

Hopefully these two stats can give you a sense of game length, but how does that fit with previous Metroids? According to our sister site How Long to Beat, here are the stats for 100% completion:

  • Metroid: Zero Mission – 4.5 hours to beat, 7.5 hours to 100%
  • Metroid Fusion – 5 hours to beat, 8 hours to 100%
  • Metroid – 6 hours to beat, 7.5 hours to 100%
  • Super Metroid – 7.5 hours to beat, 9 hours 100%
  • Metroid Prime – 14 hours to beat, 18 hours 100%
  • Metroid: Samus Returns 11 hours to hit, 15 hours to 100%

Metroid Dread: The Final Preview Gallery

You can go to How Long to Beat and search for “Metroid” to see even more games and stats for the series. The stats for Metroid Dread are just starting out with How Long to Beat, so give them a few days to double-check the accuracy.

How does dread fare? It seems to be keeping up with the longer Metroid games, including Metroid Prime and Metroid: Samus Returns. Check out our Metroid Dread Review if you’d like to learn more before diving back into the cold expanses of space.

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