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Magnum Quest Beginner’s Guide – How to Build the Perfect Team

If you’re a fan of idle RPGs, you no doubt already know Magnum Quest. The visually stunning strategy game from Tuyoo Games is one of the most polished and playable mobile titles of the year.

For the uninitiated, Magnum Quest is a D&D inspired idle RPG where you summon a range of heroes from six different factions, equip them with four types of gear, arm them with runes, level them up, and in 5. combine strong teams.

The game features an epic single player campaign as well as arena battles, raids, boss battles, dungeons, and much more.

Tuyoo Games describes Magnum Quest as “a hands-free adventure that is” easy to play, fun to be won “.

That’s mostly true. It’s an idle game, which means you can make a lot of progress without getting your hands dirty, and progress is all but inevitable as long as you keep getting into the fray, claiming your rewards, and clearing the notifications.

But there is a better, faster way. Magnum Quest may be an idle game, but it’s also a deep strategy game with lots of offerings for a master tactician.

This beginner’s guide will walk you through the basics.

Heroes and factions

Heroes in Magnum Quest have different skills that determine whether they are tank, support, healer or DPS. These skills include shield, taunt, leech, freeze, repel, and stun.

They also belong to six different factions: Divinity, Abyss, Fortress, Wild, Forest, and Shadow.

The key point of these factions is that they behave differently to one another, like hand shapes in rock-paper-scissors. Fortress deals more damage to wild, which does more damage to forest, more damage to shadows, and more damage to wild.

Divinity and Abyss each consist of only one hero and inflict additional damage on each other.

Heroes are also divided into four tiers: bronze, silver, gold, and legendary. You can summon bronze, silver, and gold heroes, but legendary heroes can only be created through ascension.

Promotion and retirement

As you level up a hero, you raise him to his highest star level and thus to the height of his potential as a killer machine. To level up a hero, you need to feed him duplicates of yourself or heroes of the same faction in the form of a faction feed.

The exceptions to this faction feed rule are Divinity and Abyss – since these two factions only contain one hero each, you can only level them up with duplicates of themselves.

Certain heroes are only eligible to be converted to faction feeds or retired. This applies to all bronze level heroes and most of the silver ones.

When you retire a hero, you will receive Beryl, the game’s main currency, along with retirement coins that you can spend on hero dice in the retirement shop, with yellow dice making gold heroes and silver dice making silver.

Teams and team effects

Building a team in Magnum Quest is a subtle art with myriad variables. We’ve already covered the effects of the different factions on each other, but there are also bonuses for using a certain number of heroes from a particular faction on a team.

For example, if you have three heroes from one faction and two from another on your team, you will get + 15% ATK and + 15% HP. Having four heroes from a single faction will give you + 15% ATK and + 20% HP.

If you field five heroes of the same faction, you will get + 25% ATK and +25 HP. It’s worth noting that a Divinity or Abyss faction hero acts as a wildcard. For example, if you have four fortress heroes and one Divinity hero, you will get the full + 25% ATK and +25 HP instead of + 15% ATK and + 20% HP.

Otherwise, you’ll need to assemble a team for the task at hand. Some heroes are great in the campaign, but terrible in dungeons. Some are great for some bosses and terrible for others. Study Tuyoo’s rankings for guidance.

It is also important to combine complementary skills. For example, Fare and Ares form an excellent partnership, with Fare attracting enemies with Fatal Attraction and Ares tearing them to pieces with Whirlwind Smash.

In short, your ideal team should have a mix of tanks, healers, and DPS, with heroes appropriate for the mode you are playing in and with skills that complement the skills of their comrades.

Try these tips for yourself by downloading Magnum Quest for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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