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KeyWe Review (PS5) | Press square

KeyWe has about as left a premise on a game as we’ve ever heard of, but this co-op game about running a postal service as a pair of kiwi birds makes it work. Two players control Jeff and Debra, new recruits to the Bungalow Basin telepost station, who also happen to be the native flightless birds of New Zealand. It’s all with hops, picks, and squawks that you instantly process in numerous time slots and mini-games.

It’s a stupid idea, but there’s a lot of goofy co-op fun here, online (with a friend – there doesn’t seem to be matchmaking) or on the couch. At first glance, the objectives may seem confusing or complicated, but each level turns out to be pretty straightforward. In the main steps, you type in keys for key secret messages, put the correct zip codes and labels on the parcels and sort incoming and outgoing mail on conveyor belts. It’s all a little bit crazy and the controls can be a little questionable at times, but it’s presented with humor and charm.

For exceeding the target times, you will be rewarded with stamps that you can spend on cosmetics for your kiwifruit. These items don’t add anything to the gameplay, but if the idea of ​​dressing up a bird with a top hat, oversized backpack, and aviator goggles sounds good, you will likely like this. Mini-games can offer more stamps with overtime pay, and you can play instruments to a beat, ride delivery cassowaries on a track, and plug holes in Zoey, the re-sorting octopus’s water tank.

While KeyWe may be a brief co-op experience and it certainly doesn’t advance PS5 in any way, it will win you over with its cute, irreverent style. The levels get more and more challenging and it’s fun to pursue the times of gold with a friend (and find hidden collectibles). If you like games like Overcooked, take this under your wing.

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