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How to complete a side encounter in Fortnite

Fourteen daysChapter 2, the eighth season, arrived earlier today and players will be looking for their favorite game again.

In addition to a new storyline, there are some new game mechanics designed to spice up the gameplay. One of the most important is called Sideways, which resembles an alternate reality in which players battle cube monsters to collect powerful loot.

As soon as you step into one of the sideways, you practically begin an encounter with dice monsters running in waves on your face. If you want to complete a side encounter you will need to overcome all the waves before you are eliminated.

After you start an encounter, other players can come in and shoot you, which means other players can take you out while you’re trying to complete a side encounter.

Before starting a side encounter, it is recommended that you do a little light looting so you don’t run out of resources inside. These cube monsters can be tougher than they look when grouped together. Make sure you put up some walls to protect yourself from both monsters and players who may be late for the party.

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