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How mobile games can reach their full potential | Pocket Gamer.biz

The importance of the gaming audience even rivals social media, and the largest and most diverse gaming audience is on mobile devices.

Even so, for reasons of brand security, many advertisers are reluctant to invest heavily in mobile games. In-Play addresses many of their concerns by offering third-party verified, programmatic, in-game advertisements that don’t disrupt gameplay.

This allows Admix to run mobile campaigns with well-known names such as Sky and Calvin Klein.

Chloe Cave, Publisher Partnerships Director at Admix, and Natalia Pakhomova, Partnerships Manager, share their insights on how game developers and publishers can leverage in-play monetization to make the most of the brands’ unprecedented focus on gaming.

PocketGamer.biz: What are the options for developers and publishers with in-play ads? Why should you take this seriously?

Natalia Pakhomova: For in-play ads, the player experience comes first. The in-play format is thrilled in the game developer community as we monetize in-game environments unobtrusively. In-play ads blend in naturally with the game and provide the user with a targeted, real-world advertising experience. Our advertisements are placed on virtual billboards, in stadiums, 3D environments and many other objects in the game and ensure that the game runs seamlessly.

In-play ads, unlike banners, don’t block any part of the screen and, unlike videos, don’t consume valuable session time. As a result, developers get satisfied players and an additional source of income that adds value to their existing video and banner businesses. Our demand comes from thousands of advertisers shopping directly and programmatically.

Money run 3D

Are there real world examples of companies that have successfully implemented in-play ads and their results?

Natalia Pakhomova: Yes, hundreds of developers run in-play ads with Admix, including Mamboo Games, TapNation, Sir Studios, Dodreams, Playducky, and many other successful developers.

In terms of results, developers tend to use Admix to increase their Average Total Revenue Per Average User Per Day (ARPDAU) and diversify their revenue streams. For example, SirStudios sees up to 33 percent higher ad ARPDAU in tier 1 markets with Admix.

It is noteworthy that in addition to economic value, the value can also be aesthetic. For example, Dodreams has a racing arena in their game Drive Ahead! where they use billboards as part of the game. They reached out to Admix to fill these billboards with ads and so we helped them turn these billboards into a real source of income.

In response, the Dodreams team shared with us that six years ago they joked that it would be cool to have real ads on these billboards one day. And voilà!

Developers tend to use Admix to increase their Average Total Revenue per Average User Per Day (ARPDAU) and diversify their revenue streams.

Natalia Pakhomova

Do the in-play ad settings vary by audience or region?

Natalia Pakhomova: Developers tell us that player attitudes towards in-play ads have been consistently positive. Both developers and gamers find this format player-friendly.

It fits the gameplay, it keeps the players in the game. The player’s feel and experience is similar to product placement in a movie.

Why did Admix take a no-code approach to implementing in-play ads, what results / feedback have you received from companies implementing the technology?

Natalia Pakhomova: Our goal was to lower the barrier to entry for game developers to benefit from in-play ads with our technology.

We created a no-code drag-and-drop solution so developers can implement Admix quickly and easily. We can work with developers on a managed and self-service basis.

The feedback we get from developers is that integrating with us is straightforward and allows them to go live and generate incremental revenue quickly.

Guess their answer

What are the typical questions and issues you hear from developers and publishers before they start implementing in-play ads?

Natalia Pakhomova: Most publishers, especially the larger ones, ask us about revenue opportunities and the robustness of our technology. As they move on, they ask about our content and data management features such as ad filtering, age restrictions, and consent management tools. We make these features available, they are free to use, and they help developers get ahead with Admix.

Developers tell us that player attitudes towards in-play ads have been consistently positive.

Natalia Pakhomova

How can developers and publishers get creative with in-play ads? Does it have to be posters and virtual advertising space?

Chloe cave: There are absolutely no rules and letting your creativity run free is fun. Developers can simply drag and drop an in-play placement onto any object within the game scene.

Our publishers were creative. We have in-play ads on an airship, on a balloon, on a poster on a wall, on a television screen, on a carpet on the floor, and on a building … to name a few.

What feedback have you received from companies that have launched in-play ads?

Chloe Cave: We have received a lot of positive feedback from our publishers. Most often, they like the fact that in-play ads are immersive, non-intrusive, and in-play creates a sizable new source of income without annoying players.

They also value Admix as a core infrastructure to connect brands and mobile games. We have both direct demand from our global sales teams and can scale with thousands of advertisers through our programmatic marketplace, which offers strong CPMs and high execution rates.

Ultimate motorcycle simulator

Which games and genres will benefit most from in-play ads? Do they work in all genres?

Chloe cave: Games with 3D scenes, such as City Explorer, sports and racing games, can easily generate additional revenue by converting the existing billboards into in-play placements.

However, we now see that almost all genres support in-play, from hyper-casual games like Guess Their Answer to music games like Hop Ball, and from idle games like Workout Master to simulation games like MiniCraft.

There are absolutely no rules and letting your creativity run free is fun.

Chloe cave

How do in-play ads fit into the current monetization landscape? Do you work alongside other sources of income?

Chloe cave: In-play ads can be easily added to any existing monetization stack and will blend in with other ad formats.

One of the reasons the format is so popular is because it’s a new incremental revenue stream that doesn’t cannibalize in-app purchases or existing ad revenue.

What are the other benefits of introducing in-play ads?

Chloe cave: In-play advertisements have been shown to lead to significant sales and an increase in LTV (lifetime value). With that as a foundation, they can play a strategic role in the publisher monetization stack to strike a better balance between player experience and ad revenue.

Advertisements in mobile games today are often forced, in full screen mode and up to 30 seconds long. They may have caused a very frustrating experience for the player as shown by the number of reviews on the platforms complaining about ads.

In-play ads are the exact opposite of that. It’s about protecting a player’s right to play. They never interfere with the gameplay or disrupt the experience and add a sense of realism to a game.

Shift princess

What are the future developments for in-play ads? What can developers expect?

Chloe Cave & Natalia Pakhomova: The best thing about in-play is that it is only just beginning.

In the coming months, Admix will release exciting new formats, including 3D wearables and product placement, that will further enhance monetization and advertising opportunities for game developers and advertisers.

Admix’s long-term vision is to be the core infrastructure to reward and empower creators in the metaverse. Simply put, Admix has already started building the building blocks to support “Metaverse Monetizing”.


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