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Fortnite Crew Pack skin revealed for October 2021: Midas’ first redeemed Choas Origins

The skins for the Fortnite Crew Pack for September, October and November have been revealed.

USeptember 28, 2021: The skin for the Fortnite Crew Pack for October has been revealed. The second of the first three Midas agents is called Choas Origin. It will be available on October 1st.

The Fortinite Crew Pack is a monthly subscription service from Epic Games. By paying $ 11.99, players will receive an exclusive skin along with other goodies. These cosmetic items are not otherwise obtainable.

Epic Games has made it a habit to reveal the next Fortnite Crew Pack skins at the end of each month. However, the next three skins have already been revealed.

The skins for September, October, and November are all linked. They tell the story of Midas’ first three agents. And there’s a surprise for players who collect all three.

Three Fortnite Crew Pack Skins revealed

Epic Games has created an official blog post showing the artwork of the three skins. These skins are known as “The First Shadows”. There are three characters that Midas recruited as agents.

The September Crew Pack will include the Burning Wolf skin. He is also known as Midas’ first enforcer and is the left skin of the promo image.

The skin for the October Crew Pack will be Chaos Origins, a variant of Chaos Agent. He is also known as Mida’s first savior. He is the middle skin in the promo image.

Finally, Sierra will be the November Crew Pack skin. She is considered the first pardoned Midas and is the right skin in the promo image.

Fortnite Crew Pack Skins October September November
Burning Wolf (left), Chaos Origins (center) and Sierra (right)

October Choas Origins Skin Set

Fortnite Crew Pack members will receive the Choas Origins set on October 1st. This comes with the Siphon Pack Back Bling, the Mutagen Mace Pickaxe, and the World Dominator Wrap.

October Crew Pack owners will also receive a bonus loading screen later in the month. In addition, active subscribers will unlock the next Legacy Crew Pack reward on the 14th.

In addition to these three sets, players who collect all three will receive a bonus in November. The bonus is an additional style for each of the skins. They look similar to the picture below.

Fortnite Crew Pack bonus styles

Also, the story of these three agents will unfold over the next few months. How did Midas find these agents and where are they now?

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