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Fortnite could soon be making a return to iOS, the Epic CEO suggests

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has hinted that Fortnite may return to the iOS App Store sooner than expected.

Following the verdict in the Epic v Apple case, Fortnite has updated its iOS version of the app (which is still running Chapter 2, Season 3) as a hotfix and completely removed the direct payment method that originally removed Fortnite from the App Store. It wasn’t known why Epic did this as a return to iOS wasn’t expected, but Epic CEO Tim Sweeney hinted at the reason on Twitter.

In response to someone who asked why Epic removed Direct Payment from Fortnite on iOS, Sweeney linked an article titled “Apple Says Epic Can Only Return To The App Store If It Follows The Rules” with the headline “Please refer:”.

It is unknown what Epic’s goal is to remove the direct payment method from iOS, but it could be in order to meet Apple’s requirements for App Store applications. If Fortnite follows all of the App Store rules and Epic reclaims its iOS developer account, Apple will likely accept as there is no reason to refuse one of the greatest games in the world from returning to the App Store.

When Fortnite returns to the iOS App Store, we’ll keep you informed.

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