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Forsaken expansion content will be added to the Destiny Content Vault next year

Before the upcoming expansion The Witch Queen for Destiny 2 started, players were wondering whether existing content would find its way into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). We finally have an answer, and those looking to catch up on Destiny content should do so soon as an important part of the lore is disappearing for a while.

Destiny 2 developer Bungie announced in a blog post that the Forsaken campaign and its playable target, The Tangled Shore, are going to the DCV. If you want to experience the content of this expansion, including the Harbinger and Presage Exotic missions, or grab some of the seasonal content from Forsaken, you have until February to play it through.

What if you don’t own Forsaken? That won’t be a problem! Bungie is making Forsaken content free to all Destiny 2 players starting December 7th, and outlining the events that make up the current story of Season of the Lost. After playing through Forsaken just over a month ago, it’s worth it. I suggest you do the same while the content is available.

Not everything is locked away by Forsaken, however. The Dreaming City, a sacred Awakened Area, will not be moved out of the game and “certain content from Year 4 will remain in Year 5, including the Proving Grounds Strike and Battlefield Activities.”

There’s a reason Bungie decided to put content on hold for Destiny 2 temporarily, and the simplest explanation is that it gives them more data room to work with for new content. Bungie says it was possible to do this in his blog post:

“The impact of the DCV can be seen in Destiny 2, from hugely popular new activities like Battlegrounds that lasted year 4 to innovations that have improved the routine Destiny experience for every player. For example, the DCV has a lot of technical “breathing space” that the team has used for important improvements to the Destiny experience. Upgrades such as the drastic reduction in our patch response times, improved loading times, faster access to the user interface such as your inventory or the map, and others point directly to the opportunities the DCV has created for the team. “

Whether you’re into the DCV or not, Destiny players are no doubt going to lose some good stories and fun quests this February. Sign up soon, or at least sometime after December 7th, to fight alongside Cayde-6 one last time.

Are you planning to try Forsaken in front of the Vaults? What are some of your favorite parts about this particular extension? Let us know in the comments!

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