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Cosmic is a fascinating ‘interdimensional adventure’ out next year

Poland is a hotbed for game development, with a large number of large and small companies making their mark on the industry. King’s Pleasure is another new studio based in Krakow whose team with credits like Cyberpunk 2077, Series cleaner and Vampires: The Masquerade – Coteries of New York; his debut title, Cosmic, Looks very interesting.

On the one hand, a 2D action platformer is no longer the rarest beast these days, and aspects of its design (at least what is shown in the announcement trailer) are reminiscent of a much darker point of view Guacamelee-Style fight.

The plot, and how it will apparently feed into the gameplay, undoubtedly has potential; You’ll have to team up with someone else’s shadow to find your own while the monstrous buddy owner is out on the hunt.

Below are some of the official descriptions.

  • A mysterious universe inhabited by strange characters, whose shadows have their own distinct personalities, in which light and shadow dictate its metaphysical rules
  • Fast-paced 2D gameplay with two different styles: use the light to unleash the animal shadow clinging to Vik and perform deadly melee combos or use agility and deception to escape danger in the dark
  • Multiple exotic worlds to explore with expansive maps full of puzzles, secrets and challenges. Find new items, unlock new skills and use them to travel back and forth through space and time to explore what you couldn’t achieve before
  • Flawlessly flowing animations that enhance the gaming experience and a distinctive art style that plays with contrasts

Cosmic won’t be out until next year, so there’s plenty of time for development and more details. However, based on your first look in the comments, let us know what you think of this.


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