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Caviar launched its Solid Gold PS5 for over $ 350,000

Russian company Caviar, best known for luxury iPhones and cases, has kept its promise to bring a solid gold PlayStation 5 to the market, so hit it off, so hurry up and sell your house.

The PS5 case from Caviar is made of solid 18 carat yellow gold and is embossed with an ornate pattern. The base is a custom made stand made from natural ebony and the DualSense overlay is made from real leather. The analog sticks are made of gold.

“Now a game console is not only a way to have a great time, but also a way to decorate the interior with an exclusive gadget in a truly golden design,” said Caviar in a sales pitch. “In honor of the fifth Sony console, five Caviar Sony PlayStation 5 Prime Gold models will be created for almost eight billion people around the world.”

Another version of Caviar’s solid gold PS5 has a rocky look and apparently consists of eight solid gold sheets with embossed edges. In this variant, the DualSense overlay is made of crocodile leather. The price is $ 366,310 because crocodiles were injured in the process.

“The case of this exclusive gadget is made using the original jewelry technique that adds volume and texture to the model,” wrote Caviar. “The inspiration for the designers was the unique geometry of the gold ore and the graceful, beautiful contours of the rock. That is why the console was called Golden Rock. “

Can’t afford it? Don’t fret! Caviar has three other PlayStation 5 models: a gold-plated version for $ 12,750, an alligator console for $ 8,140, ​​and a carbon-sheathed console for $ 5,830.

[Source: Caviar]

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