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By chance: did you know the Switch OLED model includes a “softer” HDMI cable?

Image: Nintendo

Forget 4K and all the innovative features you might expect in a gaming system in 2021, Nintendo knows exactly what you want – “softer” HDMI cables.

In the company’s latest edition of Ask the Developer, Nintendo representatives Ko Shiota and Toru Yamashita highlighted some of the “invisible changes” to the Switch OLED model. Perhaps the most outstanding comment was that the included HDMI cable is now “softer” and more flexible. Here is the full exchange:

The HDMI cable is also different. I really like this change; Please feel how flexible it is.

(Touching) Indeed, softer than the one previously contained.

Yamashita: Improving the cables has long been considered, and some of our staff had been working on it, and it happened to fit in with the release of Nintendo Switch – OLED model.

If you haven’t sold the Switch OLED yet, there are a few other minor things Nintendo would like to point out. The central logo on the supplied Joy-Con handle is engraved, not printed. In addition, the Joy-Con bracelet now has white dots on it (at least on the white model):

“We also changed the design of the Joy-Con bracelet with white dots”

Nice job, Nintendo.

Earlier this week, Nintendo proposed a teardown of the new OLED model Power Updated from HDMI 1.4 to HDMI 2.0. If so, there still aren’t any officially Confirmation.


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