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Yes, Far Cry 6 has an early alternate Easter egg

Far Cry 4 was known to have an Easter Egg ending that allowed you to “end” the game from the start. Far Cry 5 then repeated the trick and as expected, Far Cry 6 continues the tradition.

What follows are spoilers for Far Cry 6’s alternate ending. Stop reading if you want to find it by yourself.

Granted, Far Cry 6 makes you work little harder than in previous games to get to his own early ending. Where 4 and 5 placed their alternate endings right after the introduction, in the latest installment you have to play the game’s early missions (it took us about an hour and a half) to get to a certain point in the plot that allows your character to do so , Dani, to escape a sea blockade around the island of Yaran they are on.

Afterwards, guerrilla leader Clara offers you the choice – to fight for the freedom of the Yaran or to flee to Miami by boat. You are obvious meant to choose the former, but the latter is entirely up to you. You can see the full secret ending in the video below:

The alternate ending itself is pretty downcast and features Dani three months after escaping on a Miami beach. A news report mentions that Clara was killed and the civil war effectively ended before mentioning pandemic lockdowns and then playing Gloria Estefan’s “conga” over the credits. And that’s that.

While it’s always interesting to see how Far Cry deals with an early ending, you will likely have more fun looking for the intended ending. We gave Far Cry 6 an 8/10 review, with reviewer Jon Ryan saying it was “one of the funniest I’ve had on this series in nearly a decade”.

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