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Year 1 Riders Republic content revealed after launch

Ubisoft has revealed that Reiter Republic Content roadmap for year 1 after launch. In addition to the previously announced Exotic Kits and the BMX Sports Add-On, there will be four seasons of events and special activities that will give time-limited rewards such as skins.

The first of the four seasons, the Grand Opening Pre-Season, begins on the first day. Multiplayer modes on offer this season include mass races, trick battles and weekly events leading to exclusive rewards such as the wingsuit with Bermuda shorts and wings that look like a paper airplane. Year 1 Pass holders receive the Rocket Bike and Rocket Skis exotic kits.

Season 1 introduces the Winter Bash. The first Reiter Republic Limited-time events, including special multiplayer experiences and other activities, begin this season. In addition to exotic kits, owners of the Year 1 Pass receive an exclusive cosmetic package that contains a very appealing giraffe outfit.

Showdown Time is the theme of the second season, with the main feature being the introduction of the new Showdown mode. Two teams with six players compete against each other in arenas where the aim is to collect more gems than the other team. Don’t forget to deposit them though! Year 1 Pass holders receive additional exotic kits, exclusive skins and “other content”.

The third and final season for the first year is the BMX season. The BMX Sport DLC will add a new sport with new playgrounds and events. Year 1 Pass holders get exclusive access to the BMX career, which includes new sponsors and events as well as another cosmetic package.

The Year 1 Pass is in the Gold and Ultimate Editions of. contain Reiter Republic. The Ultimate Edition also offers players 20 helicopter tickets and four exclusive cosmetic packages: Cosmic, Rainbow, Neon and Skull’n Style. Regardless of which version players want to pre-order, they all include the Bunny Pack as a pre-order bonus. Reiter Republic starts on October 28th.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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