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Where can I find all the Cube Monster parts in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8?

Everyone Fourteen days Season comes bundled with new features for fans to discover. As players seek to unravel the new pieces of the map, new weapons and in-game events across the island greet them.

A new crafting material called Cube Monster Parts can be used to upgrade Sideways Weapons, available in Sideways Zones and Sideways Anomalies.

Every time you load a game you will find lateral zones and anomalies in random parts of the map. A bunch of cube monsters are waiting for you inside and they will start attacking you when you walk inside.

Cube Monster pieces fall randomly as you kill more Cube Monsters in Side Zones and Anomalies, making completing a Side Encounter one of the best ways to collect more of them. However, completing these encounters can be harder than it looks as the number of Cube Monsters will keep increasing over time.

Before venturing into one of the sideways, you should loot something so that you don’t run out of ammunition or materials when fighting against dice monsters. While you are fighting against dice monsters, there is a possibility that other players can join the encounter as well. While some players will leave you alone or even help you in these encounters, others will try to take you out.

When clearing out the cube monsters, always keep an eye on the boundaries around you and try to be as fast as possible. If you want to upgrade your Sideways weapons with Cube Monster Parts, you should do so in a different safe location and exit the Sideways. When you’re outside, find a house or build a box around you to continue tinkering. When you have all the materials you need, all you need to do is open your inventory and head to the crafting tab.

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