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Vacation Odyssey is out tomorrow – PlayStation.Blog

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is the newest adventure in the Puzzle Bobble saga – and while you recognize some familiar faces and color-matched, bubble-popping gameplay, this brand new adventure is unlike any other game in the series. Tomorrow, get ready to experience the very first 3D puzzle bobble game that introduces a new challenge if you want to solve three-dimensional bubble clusters with depth and reactive physics.

With 100 levels of increasing difficulty, Puzzle Bobble 3D can be quite a challenge. But you are lucky! We all here at Survios want to make sure you get the most out of your vacation, and we’re here to share our 10 best tips and tricks to get you popping bubbles with the best.

10 tips to master Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is out tomorrow

1. Observe your winning conditions

Pay attention to the win conditions for each level in story mode. Sometimes you don’t have to pop all of the bubbles to complete the puzzle. For example, if your goal is to free the chack’n, all you have to do is pop the bubbles with chack’n in them to win.

Free the Chack’n!

2. Consider erasing one color at a time

If you get a chance to remove all of the bubbles of one color from the board, go for it! With fewer colors left, there is a greater chance that the next bubble Bob gives you will be the one you need to clear a large cluster.

3. Avoid additional bubbles sticking to the core

Each bubble puzzle is made up of dozens of bubbles branching off from a central core. On many occasions, your goal will be to pop all of the bubbles around the core in order for it to activate. But if you shoot bubbles right at the exposed core before all of the other bubbles around it have popped, they’ll just stick to it and you’ll have to waste shots to pop them on top of the other bubbles.

4. Cancel your shot at any time

If you’re playing with a DualShock or DualSense wireless controller and you don’t like the recording, you can always press L2 to cancel your recording. You can also cancel your recording while playing in VR with Playstation Move controllers. After pulling the butt of your bubble cannon back, simply bring your hand to the neutral position and release the trigger to cancel your shot. If you abandon your shot, you have the option to try again for the perfect match or to equip a powerup.

Accessibility options for R / G, B / Y and UNI color blindness

5. Discover the accessibility modes for color blindness

If you are one of the millions of gamers who are color blind, you can still enjoy Puzzle Bobble 3D. Just check out the color blind options in the settings menu to find a color scheme that works for you. We have color modes to compensate for poor eyesight in the colors red / green and blue / yellow, as well as a universal mode for those with monochrome.

6. Boomerang your bubble shots

If you miss a shot, your bladder will always be drawn to the core. If you’re trying to reach a pile of bubbles in a difficult position, take advantage of this by shooting over or around the puzzle and letting it in on the other side of the core.

Hmm, I wonder what this powerup does?

7. The bomb is a blast!

Of all the power-ups in the game, the bomb is one of the most useful as it can pop multiple bubbles of different colors at the same time. If you have a bomb on deck try to rescue it until the core of the puzzle is partially exposed, then launch the bomb right on it. When it comes in contact with the core it can pop a large number of bubbles and make the rest of the level a lot easier.

In fact, all powerups have their own strengths against certain types of puzzle clusters and situations. We recommend trying them all out.

8. Unlock the toughest trophy on the way to platinum

Popping bubbles is super satisfying, but longtime Puzzle Bobble fans will know that separating large groups of bubbles from the game board is one of the keys to success. The same goes for Puzzle Bobble 3D. In fact, there’s even a trophy for a match that separates a whopping 100 bubbles in a single shot. Whoa! If you are skillful enough to unlock this trophy, you will be well on your way to clearing all 100 levels in our story mode and earning yourself a new platinum trophy.

9. Charge your opponent with bubbles in Duel mode

Did you know that Puzzle Bobble 3D features a competitive online duel mode? Correctly. In this mode, an endless swarm of bubbles appears, steadily rising into an ominous vortex that hovers overhead. The goal is to outlast your opponent by popping all of the bubbles before they are sucked up by the vortex.

Of course, the key to winning is clearing bubbles faster than your opponent. But in traditional puzzle bobble fashion, you can make your opponent’s job a lot harder. In Duel Mode, every time you play a game with 20 or more bubbles, you’ll send Jammer Bubbles straight to your opponent’s board. So keep an eye out for those large clusters of bubbles that are bursting.

10. Master each level with 3 stars

Only the most passionate bubble popping fans will attempt to complete each Story Mode level with a full 3 star rating. Here are a handful of tips for those ready to take on this challenge.

Most levels in story mode have a hard bubble limit. When you complete these levels, you actually get bonus points for every bubble left over. The lesson here is simple: finish levels with as few shots as possible to get the most points. A similar principle applies to levels with a time limit: complete the level as quickly as possible to collect the bonus points.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey is easy to learn but difficult to master, so our most valuable tip is to keep practicing until you are a pro at bubble blowing! With 100+ colorful puzzles set in exotic vacation destinations, improving your skills – or making it more fun – has never been more relaxing.

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey launches tomorrow on PS4, PS5 and PS VR.

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