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See what changes in TRIANGLE STRATEGY ™ after the demo feedback survey! | news

Other changes and improvements

  • The controls for Serenoa in RPG mode have been improved.
  • Key input is now required to enter / exit homes (to prevent accidental entry).
  • The panel colors when selecting a target have been adjusted.
  • An icon has been added that indicates a successful back attack.
  • A function for automatically pausing and creating save data per round in battles has been added.
  • Implemented gameplay tips when loading screens.
  • A screen has been added during combat preparation to show a list of operational / non-operational units.
  • A feature has been added to show instructions on terrain effects during battles.
  • A feature has been added to hide the button guidance information at the bottom of the screen.
  • A feature has been added to show a character’s ultimate goal before using an ability that involves character movement.
  • Improved display of buffs, debuffs and the number of round effects that last on objects.
  • A battle replay function has been implemented.
  • Key assignment has been adjusted

A note from the developers

“Based on these survey results, users have high expectations for the game’s story, character personalities, and the system for leveling up and improving characters in tactical strategy games. These are elements that you may not have been able to fully enjoy in the Debut demo.

However, in the final version of TRIANGLE STRATEGY, you can experience the events leading up to the invasion and learn what happens after you make certain decisions. The story will branch out in different ways and many unique characters will enter the story. We hope you look forward to it.

Finally, our development team was delighted with the encouraging results on buying intent from those surveyed!

We will keep developing the game to meet your expectations. We appreciate your continued support for TRIANGLE STRATEGY. “- Yasuaki Arai & Tomoya Asano (producers)

To stay up to date on this tactical RPG, join this Nintendo Switch UK community on Facebook, follow @NintendoUK on twitter for updates or visit our official TRIANGLE STRATEGY game site. TRIANGLE STRATEGY will be released for Nintendo Switch on March 4th, 2022.

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