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Mon Amour, a “Flappy Kissing Game” from Onion Games, is about to hit the Switch

Onion Games is a studio with some much admired developers on the team and has done with recent releases like. gained a number of fans on platforms like Switch moon and Dandy Dungeon – Legend of the brave Yamada. Known for his eccentric style, the developer sticks to his approach with the bizarre but intriguing My darling.

You can see some of its oddities in the trailer above – described as a “flappy kissing game”, you only need one button to try to navigate increasingly tricky stages, apparently with the ones you have have kissed afterwards.

It looks appropriately insane – check out some of the official descriptions below.

The story so far:
Three love-hungry witches have kidnapped your princess together with all 64 members of their loyal royal court to the nightmare land of Babastille! Only your kiss can save them all from certain death!
Face the fearsome Kaiju, be amazed by the huge mega windmills and stay cool on the volcanic fields! Enjoy dancing dolphins and enchanted mansions! To save all of the Baron’s cute girls, your love must overcome all these traps and more that are scattered across the terrifying terrain!

But you are not alone:
While more of your rivals in love (aka your Steam and Switch friends) are paying dearly with their own lives to kiss them all, in your kingdom you will be notified where they croaked! Take note of these death notes and keep trying to get ahead of your scores!

Love is a song in the heart:
Soothe your sad soul with the seamless stylings of improvised vocal jazz! Mon Amour offers a never ending, ever changing stream of scat singing as you make your way to true love!

It starts on October 14th priced at $ 8.99 / € 7.99 / £ 6.99, and pre-orders should now be available in the eShop.

If you’re a huge fan of Onion Games, it’s worth noting that there is a newsletter with some digital goodies called The Secret Onion Cellar that you can find here.

So, is that for the wish list?


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