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How to spot enemies with the Recon Scanner in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8

The Recon Scanner was part of some of the weekly challenges in Fourteen days‘s previous season – and it continues to be a part of the game in Chapter 2, Season Eight.

Although the recon scanner looks and feels like a grenade launcher, the main purpose of the weapon is to track enemy movement. While it may look cheesy at first glance, watching your enemies move in boxing matches can give you an edge.

Most rare weapons are relatively easy to find on the map, but the recon scanner may require some research. Reconnaissance scanners mainly fall from large and rectangular chests, most of which are located at hotspots that are guarded by AI opponents. Using the recon scanner to track down enemies is easy as you don’t have to hit them.

Firing the recon scanner fires a grenade-like projectile that emits an impulse as soon as it hits the ground or a wall. The spotter marks enemies that are in the range of the pulse and you can see their movements for a short time. The distance between you and your opponent is key to successful Recon Scanner shots as they may try to get out of the pulse area until the projectile finds its way to them. Try using the recon scanner in situations where your enemies are not far from you for guaranteed hits.

Since you can only see them for a limited time, you may want to rush your enemies after you’ve tagged them. The gun shines more in squad matches as the rest of your team can start the action right away after you’ve tagged nearby enemies with the Reckon scanner.

If you’re trying to complete a quest that requires you to mark enemies with a Reckon scanner, the progress bar should appear automatically after you mark it with the weapon.

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