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Fortnitemares 2021: new skins, weapons and event schedule

Fortnitemares 2021 is finally here and it’s packed with new Halloween content. Here are all of the new skins, weapons, and events that will be unveiled during Fortnitemares 2021.

Every year, Epic Games celebrates Halloween by hosting the in-game Fortnitemares event. As you might have guessed, the event name is a mix of Fortnite and Nightmares. It’s the annual Halloween celebration in Fortnite.

This event features some of Fortnite’s best skins. These skins are usually limited in time, which means they won’t be back until the next Fortnitemares event. And Fortnitemares 2021 is no exception.

There will also be new weapons and events during this year’s event. While Fortnite Season 8 might not be the hottest right now, the Halloween season is sure to heat things up.

New Fortnitemares skins

First of all, there are a number of new skins for Fortnite this Halloween. According to one of the Fortnitemares tarot cards, Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead is supposed to make an appearance.

Frankenstein’s monster, a classic Halloween creature, is also coming to the item shop. It is being released alongside Curdle Scream Leader, a terrifying addition to the Cuddle Team Leader line of skins.

There is also a new Renegade Raider skin that is similar to the Skull Trooper. And even Skull Trooper gets a new golden variant.

However, the biggest skin is slated to be released in week 3 of the Fortnitemares event. At this point, the Season 8 Battle Pass mystery skin will be revealed.

New Halloween weapons in Fortnitemares 2021

So far we only know of one new weapon coming to Fortnite during the Fortnitemares event. The Dual Fiend crossbows featured in the Season 8 trailer have been released. However, they’re not that great.

According to streamers like SypherPK, the crossbows feel more like a gimmick. They are intended to be used against the Sideways Monsters and cannot work in PvP combat. Even so, they are finally in Fortnite.

Fabio Sparklemane Fortnite Season 8

Weekly Fortnitemares tarot card readings

Not much is happening on the island yet, but there is still a lot to look forward to. Four different tarot cards are read each week that show what’s next for Fortnitemares.

There will be four four card weeks, meaning players can look forward to 16 different tarot card readings. Players can also speculate on what each card means as the backs of the cards contain clues.

Fortnitemares tarot cards

So Fortnitemares 2021 may not have shrouded the island in purple mist, and players may not appear as ghosts. But there are plenty of nice cosmetics coming to Fortnite this Halloween season.

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