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Fortnite x Monopoly Collaboration Leaked – All Back Bling Cosmetics

It looks like we’re getting a Monopoly x Fortnite collaboration soon.

The new season of Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 8, kicked off last week on Monday September 13th. A week into the new season, Epic Games announced their first collaboration of the season, Balenciaga.

The collaboration includes Balenciaga Fortnite skins and other cosmetics available from the Fortnite Item Shop, along with two quests and free rewards. The quests are extremely easy to complete and can only be done in Creative Mode, and both rewards are Balenciaga sprays.

Fortnite x Balenciaga spray
Fortnite x Balenciaga spray

A few days later we have new leaks from data miners revealing the next collaboration, Fortnite x Monopoly. We don’t know the full details of the collaboration yet and it will likely stay that way until we have an official announcement from Epic. However, data miners have leaked some articles from the Monopoly Fortnite collaboration and this is what we know so far.

Monopoly Fortnite collaboration

We don’t know about the Epic Games insider’s collaboration, but data miners have leaked a number of monopoly tokens / pieces of Fortnite backblings. Here are all of the Monopoly Back Blings in Fortnite:

  • Scottie dog
  • Rubber duck
  • hazel
  • T-rex
  • penguin
  • Racing car
  • cylinder
  • Battleship

Due to the leak, it looks like these will be available in the item shop at some point in the future. We won’t know anything about the collaboration until Epic Games makes an official announcement. There is a possibility that we will not receive a blog post about this collaboration until the backblings are available for purchase.

Here’s a look at all of the Monopoly backblings:

Fortnite x Monopoly Back Blings
Fortnite x Monopoly Back Blings

We will update this when official information is released or when data miners provide more information. Let us know in the comments section below when you buy the backblings. We assume that they will be available as a package and not individually.

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