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Fortnite v18.10 map changes

The Fortnite v18.10 update has arrived with a number of new changes to the map. This article contains them all! You can read the patch notes for version 18.10 here.

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Steaming stacks

Steamy Stacks inflated and a cube emerged from the liquid and began to make its way to the queen.

The little chair

The tiny stool continues to grow after reaching microscopic size.

The Gnome Escape

The gnomes have now broken their people out of the sheriff’s office. With tables and barrels as a protective shield against the explosion, they are now fleeing their prison.

The IO convoy

Doctor Slone and her IO convoy are now outside the Destroyed Teller Landmark.

The flame triangle

A new flame triangle is at the top of the hill with a panoramic view.

That’s every map change since Fortnite’s v18.10 update.

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