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Fortnite v18.00 Hotfix: What’s New?

Fortnite’s first Chapter 2 Season 8 hotfix is ​​here with some big changes and additions to the game.

Voting on non-curved objects

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite now gives players the ability to choose which domed item to return to Battle Royale using the new in-game voting system. The Shockwave Launcher and Rift-To-Go are the first two items players can choose between to reintroduce them to Battle Royale. The voting system works through any item that receives donations from gold bars, with the item that reaches the target of 4 billion bars being devalued first. Donation boards do not appear in competitive playlists.

New trap: armored walls

Image via Epic Games

The v18.00 hotfix also introduced a brand new item in Fortnite: the ‘Armored Wall’ trap. The new trap, leaked in the original v18.00 update, can be used on walls, floors, ramps, and cones to provide them with 2,500 health. This amount of HP can protect a structure from any weapon for a period of time before it is destroyed once all 2,500 health are depleted.

They are currently a rarity and can be found across the island as loot or in supply drops, not chests.

Armored wall traps cannot be found in competitive playlists.

Fortnite’s fourth birthday party

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s fourth birthday event begins September 24th with new quests and free limited-time cosmetics to unlock. Birthday cake consumables will be distributed across the island after the event starts, providing health and shield to the players who consume them. Birthday gifts are also being added back to the loot pool to reward players who find them with a random legendary weapon. These new birthday items will no longer appear in competitive playlists after the event begins.

The new ‘4 Me ???’ Back bling, ‘Hooplah Hammer’ harvesting tool and ‘4? Score!’ Emoticon will be available for players to unlock for free via the birthday event quests. The quests will go live in-game on the 24th at the same time as the event (9:00 AM ET) and end on September 28 at 2:00 AM ET.

Image via Epic Games

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