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Fortnite Birthday Presents Locations – where to find them and what to do

Here is everything you need to know about Fortnite birthday gifts.

Epic Games officially announced the 2021 Fortnite birthday party event in the patch notes for the hotfix update v18.00, which was released on Tuesday this week. The event starts today and ends on September 28th.

The event offers players three free cosmetics that can be obtained by completing the birthday quests. Two of the challenges require players to know where cakes are on the map and the other requires players to throw birthday presents.

Fortnite Birthday 2021 Challenges and Rewards
Fortnite Birthday 2021 Challenges and Rewards

Birthday gifts have been in the game for a while, but they are always removed after the birthday event is over. Everything you need to know about them is here, including where to find them and how to throw them.

Where can I find birthday gifts in Fortnite

Birthday gifts are legendary, which means they are harder to find than other rarities. You can find and receive birthday gifts by opening chests or finding them as floor loot. One of the best places to find birthday gifts is on one of the alien crash sites south of Believer Beach.

Present places in Fortnite
Present places in Fortnite

The reason this is a good location is because of the amount of floor loot and chest spawn locations. If you know other places with lots of chests, end up there and open as many chests as you can.

Birthday presents throw Fortnite

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on presents, all you have to do is select them and throw them like you are throwing a grenade. To complete the challenge, you must throw birthday presents a total of four times.

Due to the rarity of the gifts, it may take a little longer than some of the other challenges. If you end up in places with a lot of chests, you can complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

Much luck!

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