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Cross-platform MMO AdventureQuest 3D now has a PvP mode

What the title says. AdventureQuest 3D, the free-to-play, incredibly quirky, cross-platform MMO has added a new PvP mode. This is how you can kill your friends and enemies alike if you want to.

The PvP system is called Battle Arenas and sees teams of five players scrapping it in a new mode called Control. You fight to own three different zones and collect points for each one you … control.

You can swap your class in PvP in a snap, and the focus is more on player skills than equipment stats. There are also queues and fights only begin when both sides have five players. You can take your team of friends with you or drop by on your own and get match-made.

You gain class glory as you fight, and there are also new PvP skills that you can unlock. There are also exclusive rewards to be earned in the new mode, because rewards are there for everyone.

If you’d like to try the new mode, you can click here to download AdventureQuest 3D from the Play Store. It’s free, and the IAPs only offer cosmetic changes – there’s no profit here.

And if you click here, you can read an interview with the developers about the new PvP mode. It’s fun to learn.

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