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Check out our mini-review of No More Heroes 3


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I know you are very patiently waiting for the GoNintendo revamp to be released, and I thank you guys for that. Again, there are plans to have something on the market by the end of the year, which means there is still a long way to go. Still, I’m very surprised at the amount of people who got in touch about the website’s upcoming return. Many supporters, both within the industry and from fans, have provided help in every possible way. I’ve had tons of phone calls and online discussions that opened up all kinds of avenues. The plan for this month is to hone a vision and get started.

While you keep waiting, you can get some content from me through Tiktok. I posted videos there pretty regularly and they were great fun. Learn about music, history, upcoming launches details, and more. Our newest Tiktok is a review of No More Heroes 3, which you can check out above. Tiktok certainly has its time and field of view limitations, but I’ve enjoyed working within those limits. Hope you like what I’ve put together!

If you’d rather read a review than watch one, you can check out the script for the Tiktok review in its entirety below. Also, I’ll be writing a more in-depth review of the game shortly. Hopefully this treat is tasty enough to get you covered!


The No More Heroes franchise may not be the biggest or best known to the general gaming public, but it certainly has a sizable following. Without supporters, you can’t get to three mainline games and a spin-off. These fans have waited over 10 long years to get a third numbered episode, and it’s only recently that their day has come. Travis Touchdown is back and he’s more of a troublemaker than ever.

In No More Heroes 3, Travis takes up his trusty Balkenkatana again for another walk through the garden of madness. In previous No More Heroes titles, Travis competed would-be assassins to climb a leaderboard, and that’s the name of the game in this third outing. The big difference is that this time Travis goes against killers of an interdimensional kind. Instead of fighting humans in grueling battles, the Assassin Leaderboards are now filled with aliens from all over the universe.

While the sword lining can be different, the action remains the same. No More Heroes 3 features fast-paced, super powerful and incredibly violent combat. Aliens blood of all colors will paint the screen as you cut and dice, creating a Jackson Pollock-like battlefield around you. Of course, Travis also brings a number of his favorite wrestling moves with him. It wouldn’t be No More Heroes without a few brainbusters, suplexes, and backbreakers!

If you’re not spending your time saving the world, doing odd jobs can be some way to raise some cash. Travis may be an assassin at first, but he’s also a great landscaper, garbage man, and more. For odd jobs around town, Travis brings in all sorts of goodies necessary to progress. Get cash to participate in ranked assassin battles, earn WESN to improve your skills, and collect random trinkets that can be combined to create different buffs.

Most of the components that No More Heroes fans have come to expect from a new installment are here, but there is a significant change. All retainer fights now take place in a limited selection of battle arenas, meaning you no longer have to run through themed levels before the assassin fights. Participation in these battles is required as you will receive gems that you will need for the next assassin confrontation. Losing sprawling stages definitely hurts, but battles now last 60 frames per second, and the variety of enemies and their movements can make any match a memorable one.

No More Heroes was never a franchise for everyone, and creator Suda51 has always been open to it. There’s tons of otaku humor, breaking the 4th wall, outlandish scenarios, and exaggerated brawls. This is the headache of a lot, and it’s totally understandable. If you prefer more mainline trapping, No More Heroes 3 is very hard to sell. For long-time fans of Travis and his adventures, No More Heroes 3 boosts the mood and atmosphere to 11. Here you get pure, unadulterated Travis. It might not be the best entry on the series, but it is certainly worth your time and undoubtedly deserves its place in the franchise.


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