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Brave Frontier ReXONA – Now available in Japanese stores

Alim has announced the launch of a brand new Brave Frontier range, Brave Frontier ReXONA. Players interested in the game can now download it from the Japanese App or Play Store.

Brave Frontier ReXONA is the latest sequel to the globally successful mobile game Brave Frontier. This new series is played differently than its predecessor as this is no longer a turn-based tap battle game.

Brave Frontier ReXONA is a hero collection action RPG with over 40 heroes to collect at launch. The specialty of the game is that there is no rarity separation between the different characters. The only thing that sets them apart is their elementary affinity. I know Alim always tries to be different in their hero collecting mechanic, but at least they learned their lesson (BF2) that Gacha is still the way to go for a hero collecting mobile game.

As mentioned earlier, this is an action RPG game. Here’s how it works: you control a main character, while you can summon your other characters (only one at a time) to fight by your side for a short time or until you use their Link ability.

My complaint is that the character movement feels clunky for a game in 2021. The camera angle is also too “enlarged” for my taste and with so many conspicuous skills I have trouble finding my character half the time.

That said, there are still some interesting mechanics in the game that are welcome. For example the dungeon system, in which the players encounter various mazes and puzzles that have to be solved. There is also a living system where players can decorate with various furniture that they have collected in battles.



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