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Black Widow is on Disney Plus – you should know this after watching it

Black widow is finally on Disney Plus … months after its debut on Disney Plus. The go-ahead for Phase 4 (or the actual end of Phase 3?) At Marvel Studios was supposed to come in 2020, before the pandemic kicked off by the summer of 2021, where it debuted in both theaters and Disney Plus Premier Access for a fee of 30 USD (much to Scarlett Johansson’s horror). Anyone who wasn’t ready to go to the movies or pay for the add-on knew that one day it would reach the Disney Plus streaming service for free. Well, that day has finally come. It is Black widow Time.

The good news: With plenty of time to watch and re-watch the movie, the Polygon staff have taken some serious Marvel deep dives in the weeks since Black widow Hit theater. Need an introduction to Red Guardian, the burly hero of David Harbor, or Taskmaster, the film’s masked villain? Want to learn more about Florence Pugh’s incredible hysterectomy vaccination, delivered in response to a strange joke from the original screenwriter? Are you just interested in learning more about Director Cate Shortland’s philosophy of bringing Natasha Romanoff to life? Browse our collection of stories to learn more about them Black widow after you’ve watched Black widow.

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